Removing the influence of the Chinese Communist Party

 one university at a time.

The Project
  • Dr. Yang Jianli

  • Teng Biao

  • Tenzin Dorjee

  • Doris Liu

  • Uyghur Human Rights Project

  • World Uyghur Congress

  • Tom Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice

  • Citizen Power Initiatives for China

  • Formosan Association for Public Affairs

  • Students for a Free Tibet

  • Keep Taiwan Free

  • Uyghur American Association

  • China Aid

  • Jubilee Campaign

  • Emgage Action

  • Hung Phan, President, Board of Executives, Federation of Vietnamese American Communities

  • East Turkistan Awakening Movement, Salih Hudayar, Founder and President

  • Campaign for Uyghurs, Rushan Abbas, Founder

  • Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association, George Tang, National President

  • Save the Persecuted Christians

  • Muslim Student Association, UC Davis

  • Hong Kong Political Affairs and Social Services, UC Davis

  • Hong Kong Affairs Association, UC Berkeley

  • Seattle HKSA

  • John Metz, National Council Chair, College Democrats of America

  • Chandler Thornton, National Chairman, College Republicans National Committee

  • And more...

 Athenai is a newly-founded 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to limiting the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on U.S. college campuses. Started in consultation with activists including Yang Jianli, Teng Biao, and Nury Turkel, Athenai advocates for free discussion of human rights abuses on campuses by pushing student governments and university administrations to close Confucius Institutes, disclose ties to authoritarian governments, and establish mechanisms and policies to prevent the Chinese regime and other authoritarian governments from encroaching on academic discourse.

The recent release of the "Washington Appeal" outlines the offenses of The People's Republic, as well as our goals. We are excited to announce widespread support for our movement with key signers of the Washington Appeal representing different organizations that understand what we truly fight for: democracy. 

Download the letter on this page. If you truly believe the fight for democracy and justice is worth fighting, add your name as a cosigner of the Washington Appeal.